This is our story
Having first studied Theology and then Web Design, which later became full-on IT support and programming, I moved on to become a full-time professional photographer with works published in various magazines (including National Geographic) as well as winning a couple of national photographic competitions (SA Pilot and WineSA). 

National Geographic Cover image

Winner of the SA Pilot National Aviation Competition

​​​​​​​I then moved into the arena of videography when I directed and co-wrote my first short film called “Murder at the Manor” which was a Web Series written and created to promote Diemersfontrein’s wine selection. (
​​​​​​​Having all this under my belt I decided to combine all my skills under one umbrella and so film MAGNIFICATION (Pty) Ltd was born. 
Here we give you more than just a video, we’re passionate about telling YOUR WHOLE narrative and if that includes creating a coffee-table book, a couple of photos as well as a website on which to host that STORY then that’s what we’ll do.
We’re Passionate, Professional and Personal
Enough about us